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Affirmation Cards Deck

Affirmation Cards Deck

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Pause . . . Sometimes all it takes is a mindful moment to cultivate self-love, reflection, & embrace the process of becoming.

 Awaken your inner alignment with 50 different mindful affirmations that ignite the spirit within. Start your day with a mantra, draw one whenever you need a grounding reminder, spread them around your space, and/or pass them as an intentional act of kindness. 

  • 50 different mindful affirmation cards.
  • Round corner edges
  • Comes in a drawer style box
  • Card size: 2.4" x 3.4"
Sustainability & Impact 
  • 100s of uses 
  • Packed with zero waste and recycled materials.
  • Contributes to charities and planting trees
    • Ethical
    • Sustainable
    • Gives Back

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