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Composure Bracelet

Composure Bracelet

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Like all of our bracelets; our Composure Bracelet features high quality gemstones. Composure is made of Howlite, Azurite, and has brass spacers.

Featured Gemstones:

Azurite supports finding the journey to one's own truth. It is great for cleansing anxieties, stress, and worry. Azurite is believed to bring a positive vibrational healing that deal with thoughts, feelings, verbal communication, and reactions to our environment or social situations and bringing concentration into one's sense of purpose.

Howlite: brings peace and tranquility in times of chaos and change. It formulates ambitions and aids in achieving them.

Chakras: Crown Chakra, All Chakras -Zodiac: Gemini, Element: Air

  • High quality beads are approximately 8 mm
  • Comes with a gemstone info card and "The Sankalpa Project" drawstring bag
  • Handcrafted with loving intention and attention in Canada
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