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Harmony Bracelet

Harmony Bracelet

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The Harmony bracelet is made with Wood Jasper and Lava stone.

Featured Gemstones:

Wood Jasper: a stone of balance and known as the “supreme nurturer”. It is believed to provide a deep sense of harmony and inner peace, enhance creativity, courage, willpower ,and provide protection against negativity. Jasper can be used to cleanse, boost and realign all the chakras.

Chakras: Heart Chakra, Zodiac:Taurus, Libra, Planet: Venus, Element: Earth, Water

Lava Stone: a grounding stone that helps calm emotions and provide stability and guidance in times of change. Lava stone is believed to contain the energy of fire, and as a result can be beneficial to those wanting to feel more passion for life.

Chakras: Root Chakra -Zodiac: Taurus, Cancer-Planet: Earth-Element: Fire, Earth


  • Beads are approximately 8mm
  • Strong double-threaded elastic
  • Comes with a gemstone info card and "The Sankalpa Project" drawstring bag
  • Handcrafted with loving intention and attention in Canada
  • 10% of our sales goes back to charity
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