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Cultivating Slow Living

We sometimes find ourselves moving aimlessly, rushing to meet the demands of life and finish out to-do list, juggling priorities and managing the different social roles we play. But what if we chose slow living? What if we took the time to l i v e  s l o w? 

Here are simple ways to practice and cultivate slow living.


Turn off the TV, put your phone on do not disturb, and unplug from social media. You don't have to do anything with this new free time, it's ok to do nothing and just sit in stillness. 


Take out a pen and a paper and free write or sketch your thoughts and feeling, maybe you focus on things you are grateful for. Maybe you write down your affirmations, maybe you write a letter to your future self. 

Go for a walk

Go outside for a fresh breath of air. Notice things around you. Walk slow, paying attention to your surroundings, notice how the air feels during your inhales and exhales. 

Embrace stillness

Find a quiet corner or space to turn inwards. Sit in stillness and meditate, giving yourself the time to sit with yourself, welcoming feelings as they come and go. If you have a meditation cushion, that's great, if not, you can use any cushions to create a comfortable space.  

Turn routines into rituals

We all have routines that we sometimes do mindlessly. We shower, get dressed, prepare meals, eat, make the bed, and repeat. . . Notice your daily routines and choose one simple routine to slow down.

Turn off the auto-pilot mode and really focus on what you are doing. Measure your ingredient slowly, smell your food before you eat it, chew your food slowly allowing your taste buds to explore the different flavours, pay attention to the way it feels in your mouth. Even if the rest of your day is very busy, slowing down one routine will create a ripple effect of being mindful during the day.

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