Our Story

Women-owned and operated in Mississauga, Canada, we are yoga teachers and students who believe in promoting wellness for self, others, and the environment. 

The very first product we made was a lavender eye pillow. Using the homegrown lavender buds growing in our front yard and repurposing an old cotton curtain; we created an eye pillow to help with a migraine. Witnessing the blissful impact, we started using these with students in our yoga classes, they soon became requested and sold by yoga studios. 

Tuning into the FLŌ of synergies between our intentions for wellness for self, others, and the environment, and the beauty of SLŌ living, our company expanded to handcraft bolsters, meditation cushions, cedar yoga blocks, and other wellness products from locally reclaimed materials, dead stock, and end of rolls fabrics.

As demand for our high quality products grew, we naturally grew with it! We expanded our line to include superior yoga mats and props from makers that align with our ethics and values. Our intention is to create eco-friendly yoga and mindfulness products that support your practice while being ethical, sustainable, and serve a social impact.

We are inspired ,and want to inspire you, to live consciously, to embrace movement and stillness, and to find balance between FLŌwing and SLŌwing.  


Our vision is a trifold commitment to celebrate the whole self, stimulate a sustainable SLŌFLŌ wellness, and engage in social responsibility that positively impacts our community and planet.  


To craft unique lines of sustainable and ethical yoga and mindfulness products for an intentional, mindful, and holistic lifestyle that uses high quality eco-friendly materials, premeditated designs.