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Intentions, Energy, & Follow Through

You've heard the hype about "Intentions" but what does it actually mean to set intentions for yourself? How are you going to follow through with them?
Hi, I'm Sabrina Savoy and setting meaningful powerful intentions is one of the things I do. Whether you are a novice or an intention-setting master, allow me to begin by going through what an intention is so you can really start to grasp the underlying layers of the meaning. As this meaning takes root, the ability to make intentions and flow with them gains exponentially.
So here we go, an Intention is basically a sentence or several that defines what we want to believe, do, feel, see, and experience. The words that form our intention create energy, like an invisible strand of light weaved throughout all the words of our intention.
You are the alchemist creating an experience, in thought, in word and in action.
This energy has a frequency and it becomes our duty to align with that frequency or else it just simply ripples further out into the Universe, never fully gone. We make intentions to empower ourselves, without them life happens to us and we react accordingly. When we make intentions we put ourselves in the DRIVER Seat of our life, ready to be responsible for our experiences. The intentions are a tool to focus on, they direct our energy to experience that desire. When we are experiencing that desire we indeed have aligned our frequency to that intention.
Our lives are a series of intention setting whether we are aware of it or not, the more awareness we have on this topic the more likely we can manifest our intentions with ease and with clarity. Knowing our intentions and desires becomes EMPOWERING, this will be a tool used for life, as it is not just a trendy spiritual term. The ancient Vedic texts make references to Life is Intention; intention is the very core of our existence. Here is a quote translated from Sanskrit to English from the Upanishads, one of four parts to the Vedic texts.
“You are what your deepest desire is. As your desire is, so is your intention. As your intention is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”
What we learn from this is how to consciously create and be responsible for our experiences.
When I am ready to set a new intention, I look to the moon for guidance. I set new intentions when the Moon is NEW, as this energy supports new beginnings. This information was once known as common knowledge, the farmers had their almanacs with all the moon dates mapped for them…a time to sew seeds, a time to harvest, and even a time to clear the land. Moon energy, when used correspondingly can be very powerful and assist us to move with the rhythms of our Earth, supporting our shifts in energy. If the new moon is a few weeks away I take that time to prepare my garden. I’ll gather supplies needed to sew those seeds of intention, writing it down a few times sensing how it feels to me, making sure it rings true. When new moon arrives, I write it down confidently and say it aloud so that the seed is planted.
To germinate our seeds we need to take action, this is our follow through, our time to practice responsibility. If you have not been a very responsible person up until now don’t worry about it, let that belief go as here is your chance to learn. This is a process and a progress, guaranteed to bring up lessons along the way. Roots will grow deeper and plants will start to sprout.
I follow through with my intentions by maintaining focus - using affirmations, another powerful energetic tool. I have written an affirmation-based journal called Infinite Me filled with 32 different affirmations. I use my journal frequently to instil my intentions and to focus my energy on the belief needed to attain my desire. I also find it helpful to write some of the corresponding affirmations on smaller pieces of paper to post around my bathroom mirror, so I can recall them often while looking at myself – this is called mirror work. You can even add reminders in your phone and affirmations on your calendar to really shift your thoughts and beliefs to support your intention and greater good. If you are feeling creative make some artwork to hang in your space that reflects your intention. These are all part of our action steps (the follow through), this is what helps call in that energy of what we desire.
If our intention requires us to go to school, exercise, or learn a new skill remember that a little goes a long way and we can do it, we are infinite potential. Slipping off track may be part of the process and progress so just pick up from where you left off – no judgment. Remember you are learning how to live on purpose and this takes practice.
Live life on purpose, for a purpose.
About Sabrina Savoy @WithLoveSabrinaSavoy Sabrina Savoy is a dedicated energy worker and teacher of metaphysical healing. Working one on one with the community in her home studio in Beeton, ON as well as virtually worldwide. In 2010 she earned the title of Usui Reiki Master -Teacher and published her first book, Infinite Me in 2019. This book is an affirmation-based journal designed to help you shift your negative self talk into empowering supportive ones. Sabrina is a certified 200hr Yoga instructor and has led many classes, workshops, and retreats around Ontario, Canada.
You can pick up your copy of Infinite Me at:
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