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Mindfulness and Meditation Practices During Pregnancy

Mindfulness. One of the many 'buzzwords' floating around these days, but the effects of it, particularly during pregnancy, are undeniable!   
As a mother and pre & postnatal yoga and fitness instructor, I have come to appreciate and understand the importance of mindfulness-based during any stage of pregnancy and beyond, not only for myself, but for my clients, as well.*
Below is a list of some of the self-care activities I often recommend to my clients if they are looking to reduce their stress and anxiety levels, particularly during pregnancy, and depending on approval from their healthcare provider.
  1. Walking: Walking is not only safe, but it can help keep you healthy and fit throughout your pregnancy.
  2. Colouring: Tap into your inner child and pick up that pencil crayon, again! It’s no secret that mindfulness is the key to achieving reduced stress levels. Try using this technique to escape your thoughts and worries . . . even if it’s for a little while.
  3. Reading: You may want to spend this time reading up on things you’ve always wanted to learn about but never had the time for.
  4. Blogging: While I never started a blog, I did read a lot of forums and blogs about moms of multiples and how they survived bedrest, pregnancy and the early postpartum period. 
  5. Journalling: While on bedrest, I wrote letters to my twins. I documented my fears & frustrations about being on bedrest, and I also recorded my positive interactions with the doctors, nurses and other patients during my time in the hospital. This activity can be beneficial for anyone, whether you are on bedrest or not.
  6. Hiring a doula: Understandably, my partner, friends and relatives were unable to be with me all day, everyday, as much as I would have liked that. It was for this reason that I became a doula. To support birthers throughout all manners of pregnancy, eventful or not. Doulas are also there to assist with postpartum baby care. Invest in yourself by hiring a doula to take care of your little one(s) while you nap, take a luxurious bath, or catch up on some much needed 'me' time. Gentle yoga: One of the benefits of yoga is that some exercises can be done anytime, anywhere. Butterfly pose (sitting with soles of the feet together and knees open) Neck, wrist and Ankle rotations - in both directions
  7. Mindful Breathing - Inhale and exhale at your normal rate. Hug your baby breath - Inhale through your nose, and as you exhale, slowly begin to tighten, or 'hug' the abdominal muscles around your baby. About Brenda @bvz.maternal.support Brenda is a doula & pre- & postnatal yoga and fitness coach. After the birth of her twins, it became her mission to coach, educate, and support other women to set realistic goals for their bodies during and after pregnancy and live a life with purpose and passion.
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