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Moving Though it Together

When panic & fear spreads at a rapid pace around the world, it is felt by everyone. EVERYONE.
Here are a few things I’ve been saying in class & to clients . . . . MOVE: Fear & overwhelm accumulate & reside in the body as tension. Your body carries it all; trauma stress, even memories, thoughts & experiences. Take time each day to move & connect with your body; to maintain inner ease
BREATHE: Keep your respiratory system strong. Take time to breathe; working towards extending your breath, strengthening your lungs, diaphragm & enhancing flow of oxygen to calm the mind & down regulate SNS. I’ve been counting students thru this breathing technique; In 2 3 4 5 6 - pause - Out 5 4 3 2 1 - pause (Start with inhale 4 - exhale 4 & work your way up)
NOURISH: Eat vegetables & fruits; especially dark leafy greens. Along with super foods like elderberry, Chaga mushrooms & ginger to keep immune system strong
HYDRATE: Drink at least 2 litres daily (alkaline/reverse osmosis water)
CONNECT: Hang with special people in your life. Laughter & heart conversations will do the body & mind good
REST: Try not to watch/read the news past 10 pm(no screen time!), going to bed before 11 SO important for rest
MEDITATE: Set a timer or put soothing music on to sit &breathe for 5-10 min, observing the state of your mind, body & heart
CLEAN: Wash your hands regularly & do not touch your face
LOVE: Touch isn’t the only way to show you care. look at the person, smile, ask how they are doing, and listen. Really listen. More powerful than a hug
We can’t control what goes on outside of us, but we can control our inner landscape & how we respond to the situation. We are moving through this together♥️ Much love♥️
About Ella @ellaisakovyoga Yoga teacher, yoga therapist, wellness coach, published author, and healer, Ella has been teaching yoga since 2008. With a Psychology undergraduate degree and a Masters in Education, Ella left a school teaching career to pursue what filled her heart and gave her immense joy, sharing her love of yoga and the healing arts. Her passion and purpose in life has always been to inspire others to delve deeper to uncover their inner knowing and light within so they can lead a life of courage, balance and peace. Ella operates a successful children’s yoga company, Stellar Kids Yoga, spreading the love of yoga to the next generation, and Prana Retreats, leading wellness retreats that include wholesome food, yoga and healing. She is also a contributing editor and writer for Parvati On-line Magazine.
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