Shoulder Opening Practice - The Sankalpa Project

Shoulder Opening Practice

If you've got tight shoulders and want strong arms your going to want to bookmark these for later.⠀ ⠀These stretches help really  and release the shoulders and strengthen the arms.⠀
Hold each pose for 5 breaths⠀
⭐️ Eagle Arms - stretches the upper back reeeeeeally nice. (It was a #poseoftheweek, so look back for instructions for the pose)⠀ ⭐️ Side Stretch with active arms - grab opposite elbows and pull the arms away from the head as you tilt slightly to the left and right.⠀ ⭐️ Extended arm stretch - grab your wrist with the opposite hand and drag the arm across the body. You'll feel this right in the shoulder joint⠀
⭐️Thread the needle - this move opens the chest and releases tension in the shoulder. (Also a poseoftheweek if you want cues)
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Maggie is a CRYT200 and Fertility Support Practitioner from Oshawa, ON Canada. She focuses on using yoga and body awareness to support women on all paths of life in finding joy and wellness. Her passion in supporting women trickled into the fertility world when she herself struggled with fertility, and now she is on a mission to educate and empower women in taking control over their reproductive health. You can practice with Maggie at
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