Someone once asked me: “What do you do for a living?”
My response: “I’m raising the vibration of humanity.”
As a Reiki Master, there likely isn’t anything that sounds too “out there” that could take me by surprise – thus far. While I talk a lot about what the positive effects my “work” can bring to others, it often does take me to some very interesting, unique, sometimes dark and low places so that I can bring the light into each person’s awareness. It really is a journey I embark on with each client and student! 
“High vibrations, manifestation, abundance, law of attraction, consciousness, goddess energy…” These are some of the top buzz words you are currently seeing pop up on the regular within the “new age” community. 
There are so many entrepreneurial gurus and life coaches promising great things if we just tap into this infinite potential and live our best life! What does all of this mean?! And more importantly, what does all of this mean FOR YOU?
I love that people keep asking me great questions because we are all really just seeking some clarity and guidance in navigating through this brave new world. This opens up to a beautiful world within indeed but it won’t make much sense to you if you get lost in what’s happening without.
So what is all the spiritual stuff about? Allow me to break it down for you, within my scope of insight, ability, understanding and personal experiences. 
Let’s look at some of the most common questions that people approach me with:
“How can I be more spiritual?”
I think once we realize that we are more than just our body, we are already on a spiritual path. For some, spirituality means practicing a certain faith, attending a physical building to display their devotion. For others, it’s sitting by a tree and appreciating its beauty as it exists in nature. There is no right or wrong way to be spiritual. I always say “go to where you feel most alive because that’s where God is for you.” No path is better than the other. It’s the path that resonates with you and has the ability to shift your awareness within that will open up the connection between you and the divine. I do have some clients and students that are exploring many facets of spirituality and that’s okay, as long as you don’t get confused and overwhelmed with multiple paths. Eventually all paths lead to one and that is to your truth.
Should I follow a “Guru”?
The expression “when the student is ready the master will appear” is certainly true. We don’t find a guru, they often find US. As long as we put the intention out into the universe that we are ready for spiritual guidance, the right teacher will find their way into our lives. It’s amazing how some people find me; as it aligns with the timing of their journey because they are ready and because they are ready, the journey unfolds beautifully for them.  When some people first meet me, they say “Wow, you don’t really look like a Reiki Master” What then, does a Reiki Master look like?! I’m a human, just like everyone else; I’m a mom, I enjoy working out, teaching yoga and doing very ordinary things. It’s through my constant self-awareness that guides me to living my life in extraordinary ways.
A true Guru will never use manipulation or fear tactics to hook you into their doctrine, services or products. Also beware of “shortcuts” and “instant results” because there are none! A true teacher will make you do your inner work and will shatter your ego in order for your soul to evolve. They are here to press your buttons and push you out of your comfort zone and limiting beliefs.
When choosing a master, teacher, guru, or life coach, etc., make sure that they align with where you are at in your journey and that they truly have your best interests at heart, not just your wallet.
“It’s tough to stay so committed!”
It IS. And that’s what makes it so worthwhile. Our minds are so fixated on results and that’s not the point, that’s the byproduct from all of the inner-work we have done. We are here to be human and not to be perfect. If you find yourself straying from your path, this is a wonderful opportunity to re-connect with yourself and begin again. You cannot fail at spirituality!
The path is always there unfolding before you from moment to moment. It is through experiencing the full spectrum of being human that we learn that we are always learning and always growing. Your past is a wonderful teacher but that’s about it. Don’t unpack and stay there because your future is forward and you are consciously creating by choice.
Be a seeker of the truth and believe in your divinity and you are already well on your way towards great wisdom and clarity. Our journey is the process of embarking on a quest to deepen our knowledge, understanding and wisdom about ourselves, the world and higher consciousness. If someone chooses to work with me, the universe decided I was the right guide for that person, plain and simple. I don’t chase, force or use any tactics to pressure my clients to journey with me. There is the right guide out there for each one of us; we just need to remain open. The best way to make sure your guru is the real deal is that they not only talk their talk but they walk their walk.
About Dorothy Knight @globalhighvibetribe
Dorothy is a Speaker, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor and wholehearted writer.
Her passion is to awaken and empower people to expand their consciousness through self-mastery. She facilitates workshops and seminars across the GTA and love the powerful combination of reiki and yoga together to enhance each yogi’s practice. Join the joyful journey to intentional living by visiting dorothyknightreiki.ca
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