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100% Cotton Mysore Yoga Rug

100% Cotton Mysore Yoga Rug

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Our 100% cotton hand-loomed yoga rugs are gentle on the skin and the environment, bringing us closer to mother earth and the traditional practice of Ashtanga yoga and the Mysore rugs.

Made from yarn-dyed cotton, densely handwoven in a traditional handloom pit in India, they are sturdy, sustainable, and eco-friendly. They can be safely cleaned in the washing machine, last much longer than rubber and silicone mats, and are completely biodegradable and PVC free. The beautiful colour and amazing feel easily converts these yoga mats into a meditation mat, handstand pad, a beach mat, and/or home carpet.

Use these cotton rugs over your yoga mat to create a comfortable, absorbent surface for practice or on their own for a practice ranging from all types of yoga, fitness, and meditation. Roll them for support during restorative yoga or an extra cushion under the knees for your practice.


  •  Super adaptable, works well for types of yoga, meditation, fineness actives, and can be used indoor and outdoor. 
  • Approximate Size: 78" x 27.5" providing extra space for your practice.
  • Weight: 2.8 lbs light weight for easy transfer 
  • When using your cotton rug on a wood floor, it is recommend that you lightly mist the rug surface to reduce slipping and improve traction.
Product Care 
  • Machine washable on gentle dry cycle. Hang to dry. Dryer safe but since they are 100% cotton, they may slightly shrink.
Impact and Sustainability 
  • Slowly made by locals in India using the traditional handloom.
  • 100% cotton and completely biodegradable.
  • Contributes to charities and planting trees. 
  • Multi-use and purpose.
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Gives Back

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