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Hand-Rolled Essential Oils Incense Sticks

Hand-Rolled Essential Oils Incense Sticks

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Set an intention, light an essential oil incense stick, and just be.

Hand-rolled using the finest of essential oils and wood, our incense sticks are made using all natural ingredients that are therapeutic and refreshing. They bring an intentional wave of natural subtle aromas that not only makes your space fragrant but also keeps your surroundings clean, pure, and full of harmony.  

Select one of the scents or collect them all. 

Rinsebrings waves of natural and subtle Cleansing Rain Aromas to cleanse and purify.

Renewbrings a breeze of natural and subtle Refreshing Green Aromas that welcome renewing energy and intentional flow of ylang ylang and lemongrass.

Root: brings natural and subtle Earthy Grounding Aroma that invites grounding and tranquility with dragon's blood

RiseEnergizing Floral Aromas that lift and inspires with the subtle scents of the lotus flower. 

  • Includes 20 individually hand-dipped incense sticks 
  • Made from premium all natural ingredients
  • Approximate length: 9 inches. 
  • Approximate burning time: 30 mins
Sustainability & Impact 
  • Hand-rolled of all-natural materials that are fully biodegradable. 
  • Packed in a recyclable materials.
  • Made in Canada. 
  • Shipped plastic free with fully biodegradable materials. 
  • Supports charities and planting trees. 


  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Gives Back

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