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Mindfulness Dice

Mindfulness Dice

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Fun, interactive, and intentional, The Mindfulness Dice invites pause and self care practices every time you roll it. 

100% natural, sustainable, and unique, the earthy Mindfulness Dice is handcrafted from reclaimed wood scraps and makes space and time for little acts of mindfulness!
Roll it in the morning to start your day, when you need to recharge, and/or simply leave it on in your space as a reminder of mindfulness.

Each dice is individually handcrafted from natural reclaimed wood scraps, woodburned by hand, with rounded polished edges. 


  • Handcrafted by women in our local Mississauga studio/
  • Each dice has 6 different actions of mindfulness and comes with mini brochure that explains each action. 
  • Approximate size 2.5” and comes in all natural canvas bag.
  • Due to the nature of wood and being handmade, some variations might appear. 


  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Gives Back

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