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Upcycled Scented Sachet

Upcycled Scented Sachet

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We love all natural products and these scented sachets are all that!
Upcycled from our fabric scraps to reduce waste in every way possible and filled with your cotton and a flower mix, each sachet is uniquely handcrafted to be sustainable and last a long time with maximum versatility.

Put them in your drawer or closets, under your pillow or use the tag to hang them around the house, in your car or to refresh your yoga bag.
Excellent gifts for yoga retreats, spa events, and bridal and baby showers.
Lasts a long time, just squeeze each sachet every once in a while to reactivate the scent.

Please note that we use fabric scraps to reduce waste so your print might differ from what’s in the pictures depending on what we have available. If you prefer a specific colour, please send us a message.

These are made from fabric scraps and we don't make them from new fabrics, so your order will include an assorted style of fabrics. 


Cotton, Organic flower mix, Grade AAA essential oils,
100% Natural Linen and cotton fabric scraps.

  • Ethical
  • Sustainable
  • Gives Back

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