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6 Tips to Start a Yoga Practice at Home

Sometimes it’s not always easy or accessible to carve out time to go to a yoga class at the studio, this is where a home practice comes in handy. Having a regular home practice has lots of benefits, it saves money and time while ensuring you have the time for self-care. Looking to start a yoga practice but don’t know where to start? Here are 6 tips to get you started in the comfort of your own home.
1- Find space, make space 

Starting a yoga practice can be as simple as making space for your practice. You don’t have to dedicate a full room for that, it can be a cozy corner that you dedicate to your practice or a spot where you can simply lay down your mat to slow down or flow. The idea is to find that spot in your home where you can relax and move away from the distractions of your daily activities. A yoga practice is a personal one and that space may look different for every person. You can choose to add items that invite calm and peace into the space such as candles or incense


2. Invest in props

While you can certainly practice asanas on a towel, blanket, or directly on the floor. When you begin your practice, you might want to invest in yoga essentials that provide safety, stability, and comfort such as a grippy yoga matblocks. You can substitute blocks with books, bolsters with sofa cushions, and straps with neck ties.


3. Play and explore different styles of yoga.

While all yoga asanas are derived from Hatha yoga, there’s an abundance of different yoga styles. Some focus on mobility and flexibility, while other modalities might focus on strength building. From chair yoga, yin yoga, to vinyasa flows; explore options and play around with different styles so you can find what resonates with you. 

4. Start simple and build up

Begin with a simple and short practice and build it up. James Clear in Micro Habits talks about the importance of stacking habits in small increments, so starting with even 5 minutes of yoga is the beginning step to make it part of your daily routine. Reflect on your commitment to your practice, how many days will you practice? How many minutes? What time of the day will you commit to? Place that schedule somewhere you can see or try adding reminders to your phone.


5. Listen to your body

While it might be tempting to experiment with fancy yoga poses we see on social media; let your own inner wisdom guide you. Focus on what your body wants, nurture it and pay attention to what feels good rather than on what looks good. Give yourself permission to come out of a pose that doesn’t feel good, and remember to keep learning.

6. Remember Pranayama 

Asanas are just one aspect of yoga. Practicing at home is a great opportunity to remind yourself to get intimate with your breathing. Incorporating even 5 minutes of square breathing or ujjayi breathing into your asana practice will leave you feeling more centered and relaxed. 


And there you have it, and remember that investing in a regular yoga practice means investing in you! 


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