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DECLUTTER and just let it go!

In today’s world, it seems that it's a trend to CHASE to avoid missing out and if we don’t follow the fad there’s a high probability that FOMO would get to us. But, WHAT IF!!! What if we took a step back and paused to choose wisely as to what it is that we would like to chase!
I’d chase to awaken myself from the deep slumber of ignorance. I’d chase ENLIGHTENMENT!!! I'd chase decluttering, letting go, and making space.
Only if we could free up the mind space that is being hogged by that new love we are obsessing over, that new challenging career move we are aspiring for, the new holiday destination we want to visit or the new car or gadget we are craving.
When we free mind space, we make more space to hear our inner voice. Yes! We all have a voice inside us, a voice that guides us and leads us to our true path.
So, how do might we free up that space in the head?
Short Answer: Just sit with yourself. Don’t brood. Just sit. Aim for a state of mind that has no thoughts. Well! the thought that you don't have thoughts is also a thought. :D
Confused, eh?
Long Answer: Below are just some of the ways I used to declutter and reach the place so I can hear my inner voice.
Attempt to declutter by following the steps below:
  1. Pick a safe place. Maybe pick your favourite corner and decorate it the way you want.
  2. Engage your senses:
Smell: Light some incense, cedar wood, Palo Santo, or a scented candle. I prefer jasmine or rose. Or just spray some rose water around
Hearing: Switch off your phone and put on some meditation music if you'd like
Touch: Sit in a comfortable position, hold a mala if you wish.
Sight: Close your eyes or soften your gaze
3. Set an intention to find your balance
4. Start with focusing on your breath
Notice how the air passes through from the throat to the lungs to the diaphragm and back. With each inhale . . . send a prayer to receive all the good energy in the universe and with each exhale, release all that does not serve you anymore.
5. Focus on the music and imagine yourself sitting at a calm place by the river and meditating
6. Close with a prayer or an AUM chant. Prayer is a very powerful thing, it grounds us and centers us.
I recommend this every night, before going to bed, say a prayer to find guidance and you’ll be surprised with the signals the universe sends your way.
Every morning, before you get out of bed, bow in your heart to the universe and feel gratitude for all that you have. Say thank you and pray for a day of intentional abundance.
The above practice helped me find that connection with my inner truth and in doing so I learned that we have all the answers within us; it’s just about chasing the connection within to find enlightenment.
Bon Voyage for the journey within, bon voyage with decluttering and letting go.
About Esha @eshakinra
Esha is a strong believer in practicing yoga on and off the mat and endorsing it as a spiritual way of living and an intentional act that connects the mind, body, and spirit. She balances her busy corporate and modelling careers with some writing, daily yoga, and lots of inhales and exhales that unleash her wild feminist spirit, declutter the inner space and let go of scarcity and fear of the unknown.
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