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Find your Truth, Remember your Truth

Yoga to me isn't about perfect postures or extreme flexibility anymore. It can be plenty of things and can mean something different to everyone.
Yoga to me is about feeling, it is about flowing, it is about moving through your shit to find your truth. It is about connecting the breath, the mind, and the body to be present, to find silence and realness amidst a storm.
A yoga flow is like a journey. Every time I step on the mat it gives me a chance to process what the outside world is trying to project on me and what is really going on the inside. When I step off my mat, I carry that truth with me into the world and daily life.
The most I can hope of living my truth is that I can somehow inspire others to live their truth and not let the words of others or society define who they are, to embrace their imperfection.
The past doesn't set the path for the future but the present does. So right now keep those you love close and tell them you love them.
Right now forgive those who have hurt you and release them from your unforgiveness
Right now be honest with yourself and your soul and never lower yourself for the validation of others.
Right now, remember your truth and remind yourself that you are nothing less or nothing more then you need to be and you are perfectly imperfect.
About Sinead Gaffney @sineadgafflows
Sinead began her relationship with movement at the age of 6 in dance. Later on, she was introduced to pilates at the age of 15 as a way of overcoming shin splits and joint injuries from running. In addition to the rehabilitative qualities of the pilates practice, Sinead quickly realized the presence of a mental benefit; noting the way the breath works and its impact on the mind/body connection.
Sinead is a certified yoga, pilates, and barre instructor and a dedicated mother and traveller.
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